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ELECTROvet S13 is the only electrochemotherapy veterinary device with a touch screen for viewing the voltage curves delivered and for easily setting the electrical pulses to deliver. 

ELECTROvet S13 is composed of:

  • A square wave generator
  • Integrated software with a touch-screen interface to control electrical pulses
  • A hand-held electrode holder, attached to the generator by a cord
  • Removable and re-usable electrodes in L-form (in option: needle electrodes and plate electrodes)
  • A foot-switch that controls delivery of electrical pulses

ELECTROvet S13 is generally used by universities and vet schools because of the possibility of displaying the curves of electric current delivered.

The pulse generator has an internal condenser which is loaded in a programmable
tension range between 0 to 1350 volts. Once the condenser loaded, it is able to send a
number of pulses whose width and length are predetermined.

  • USB port: to connect a USB key for saving data
  • Ethernet Port: allows the device to be connected to an Ethernet network or directly to a PC
  • Power Connector: allows the device to be connected using a standard power cable, and provides a local ON/OFF switch
  • A handle on the top of the device for easy transportation
  • Five year warranty

Effective treatment of lesions:

Sarcoid, mammary adenocarcinoma, melanoma, mast cell tumor, squamous cell carcinoma, fibrosarcoma, cheloid, perianal tumor, Sticker sarcoma…


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