History of electrochemotherapy

History of electrochemotherapy


Luis M. Mir’s team improves the electroporation method in cell cultures using short electrical pulses to temporarily open the cell membrane, without causing permanent damage in the cells.


Luis M. Mir’s team shows that certain drugs, such as bleomycin, can be thousands of times more active on permeabilized tumor cells. The concept of electrochemotherapy is born.


A first human trial is conducted after successful experiments in vitro and on animals. The efficacy and safety of this technique are then demonstrated in the treatment of cutaneous and subcutaneous metastases, regardless of the origin of the primary tumor.


A European project, called Cliniporator is launched, coordinated by Luis M. Mir. Its objective is to develop a device integrating basic research elements developed by Luis M. Mir and colleagues.


A second European project is initiated. ESOPE (European Standard Operating Procedures of Electrochemotherapy) aims to validate the clinical use of Cliniporator and establish standard operating procedures for electrochemotherapy. Four cancer centers participate in the project: Gustave Roussy Cancer Institute in France, Herlev Hospital in Denmark, Cork Ireland Cancer Center and Institute of Oncology Ljubljana in Slovenia.


Results of ESOPE: validation of electrochemotherapy, defined with standard operating procedures.


Launch of the ELECTROvet S13 dedicated to veterinary use.


Launch of the ELECTROvet EZ, an affordable device for all veterinary practices.

Since 2012: International collaboration for scientific exchange

Improvement in electroporation-based applications led to the creation in 2012 of a European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST), designed to promote international cooperation in science and technology to better understand the characteristics of electroporation, promote communication between research groups, and allow the development of new and existing applications by integrating multidisciplinary research groups and the training of new researchers. COST brings together 590 people from 247 different institutions, in 44 countries. (See www.electroporation.net).

In 2016, International Society for Electroporation-Based Technologies and Treatments was formed, to extend the COST network outside Europe, with an aim to foster the development of electroporation-based applications, and facilitate the exchange of knowledge between researchers from different scientific fields and countries.

LEROY Biotech has been an active member of both  organizations since their creation.

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