The ELECTROcell B15 is the most complete generator designed and manufactured in series, the result of 20 years of expertise in electroporation. Conceptualized for exceptional functionality, it allows researchers to visually and easily generate any type of high and/or low voltage, unipolar or bipolar, pulsed electric field.

ELECTROcell B15 key features:

  • Delivers versatile pulses for research (multi HV, LV) and standard electrical protocols
  • +/-1,500 Volts for high voltage
  • +/- 200 Volts for low voltage
  • 7″ touchscreen to set up parameters and retrieve delivery data
  • Unlimited pulses delivered history storage on the 16GB USB key, supplied with the machine
  • Instant measurement and display of current and voltage
  • Double foot-switch to charge the electroporator and control delivery of electrical pulses
  • CE mark for preclinical studies
  • 5 year warranty

The ELECTROcell B15 greatly increases the efficiency of in vivo and in vitro cell transfection. It delivers precise yet versatile square wave voltage and current,  and allows the user to easily configure pulse duration and intervals.

All experiment data is stored and available for viewing as a graphic and / or tension and current values, which the user can then document for research and analysis purposes.

  • USB port and 16GB USB stick included to store processed log files in order to keep all the information related to a treatment (pulses delivered, voltage, intensity, duration, etc.)
  • Power connector: allows the product to be connected using a standard power cable, and provides a local ON/OFF switch
  • Electrocardiogram connector : confirms that the pulses are delivered only when the heart ventricles are open

High voltage pulse


Voltage (UPA) ± 30 .. ± 1,500 V

Maximum current 24 A

Typical HV capacity 97.5 (±20%) μF

Activation of the disconnection 25 A

Recycling time 90% PE < 4 s

Voltage resolution 0.5 V

Pulse duration (TA) 5…5,000 μs

Resolution 5 μs

Accuracy > 99%

Repetition frequency (1 / P) 0,01..20 kHz

Low voltage pulse


Voltage (UPB) ± 10 .. ± 200 V

Max Power 500 W

Recycling time 90% PE 100 ms

Accuracy > 98%

Pulse duration (TB, TI) 5..30,000,000 μs

Resolution 5 μs

Repetition frequency (1 / P) 0.01..20 kHz


Rise time 10 to 90% of PE 400 ns


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