LEROY Biotech is consolidating its position as the world leader in veterinary electrochemotherapy devices, with more than 370 machines sold worldwide since 2017.

The Royal Veterinary College (UK), UCLA Davis (USA), Cornell University (USA), Utrecht University (NL) here are some names among the thirty Veterinary Universities who have chosen to practice electrochemotherapy with an ELECTROvet.

The ELECTROvet is a veterinary electrochemotherapy device that can treat cutaneous and subcutaneous tumors thanks to the potentiation of the effects of bleomycin, carboplatin or cisplatin.

It is an effective machine, very easy to use and inexpensive, which in just a few years has convinced several thousand veterinarians around the world and which has made it possible to treat more than 35,000 animals.

The tumors treated with a high rate of complete responses are mainly carcinomas of all types, sarcoids and melanomas.

Launched in 2016 by the French company LEROY BIOTECH, the ELECTROvet very quickly established itself as the standard reference for electrochemotherapy devices thanks to its ease of use and low cost.

In addition, the electrodes are all reusable and sterilizable, which represents an important economic advantage for veterinarians.

Still little known, only 4 years ago, electrochemotherapy developed very quickly, leading to the growth of the LEROY Biotech company and the record sales of its ELECTROvet.

“The ELECTROvet has become somewhat despite ourselves in a few months the benchmark for veterinary electrochemotherapy. We have just imagined and designed what veterinarians wanted: a very efficient machine, easy to use and able to pay for itself in less than a year. We have also developed the widest range of electrodes on the market with 8 different electrodes, all reusable and all sterilizable. There is no recurring cost for veterinarians.” as Loïck ROYANT, CEO of LEROY Biotech, points out.


“Every year we see more or less serious companies appear from Northern Europe or South America. Competitors’ machines are sometimes much prettier than the ELECTROvet, but they generally offer worse results, because implementing more or less exotic patented electrical protocols, often less efficient. On our side, we made the choice in 2016 to use the only electrical protocol validated in human medicine for 20 years, in other words that it has proven itself!” concludes Loïck ROYANT.

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LEROY BIOTECH is a French company based in Toulouse, which has been developing veterinary electroporation devices since 2016. LEROY BIOTECH, after its success in veterinary medicine with the ELECTROvet, will launch the PulseMed at the end of 2023, an electrochemotherapy device dedicated to human medicine. LEROY BIOTECH is a family business which is not listed on the stock exchange, and which can thus develop freely by reinvesting all of its results in research and development, without obligation to remunerate shareholders. Read more at:  www.leroybiotech.com