My name is Wo-Shine Chen, I am a computer scientist in Taiwan. My dog, a 13-year-old Golden Retriever, had a tumor problem, so I came to Kao Yi Animal hospital for treatment and to do biopsy to make sure it is a tumor.

He has gotten one big mast cell tumor grade 3 on his face for 1 year. During these last two months, his tumor is getting bigger and bigger, so I was worried. His condition was too bad to receive the surgery moving it out. So, I chose to do with electrochemotherapy for his treatment.

He had two sessions every two weeks, and the tumor size has been divided per two. So, I know it is worth it to choose this method for my adorable pet. I was not afraid about the treatment, because after the treatment my dog didn’t have any side effect. So, I believe it is a good choice for him. I am satisfactory in these two courses. I will recommend this treatment to the other owners. This is a good treatment for pet. He still prepares to do the next session after 2 weeks.