On October 15, 2016 in Łódź the first seminar in Poland about the method of treating cutaneous tumors – electrochemotherapy (ECT) in veterinary medicine, was hold. In Seminar has taken part veterinarians who during their practice are treating oncological patients.
The main lecturer, prof. Natasa Tozon from University of Ljubljana, shared her 20 years’ experience with electrochemotherapy in dogs and cats. Prof. Tozon, during two lectures, expounded the basics of electrochemoterapy’s impact on cells and tissues, discussed electogenoterapy in clinical studies that prof. Tozon runs on University of Ljubljana and presented clinical cases.
After a year of using electrochemoterapy in Poland, Jarosław Balcerzak, DVM and Sebastian Borowik, DVM shared their experience, presented clinical cases, discussed pros and cons of ECT and its influence on cardiovascular system, side effects and practical aspects of treatment.

Dominika Gajdzicka from Skamex company – the main Seminar’s sponsor, expounded safety of using cytotoxic drugs and presented practical aspects of delivery cytotoxic drugs.

Krzysztof Szulc, DVM presented electroporators and talked economical aspects of using treatment.

The Seminar was organized by VETISS company who is a distributor of ultrasounds and ELECTROvet S13 and EZ of Leroy Biotech for veterinary medicine in Poland. 40 participants attended the Seminar and showed interest about ECT as a new method of treating tumors.

Now in Poland electrochemotherapy is offered in 6 clinics – in Krakow, Warsaw and Tri-City.