On April 3rd and 4th, we attended the 2nd Veterinary workshop on electroporation-based treatments at the Small Animal Clinic of the  Veterinary faculty of Ljubljana.It was organized by the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana, the Veterinary faculty of the University of Ljubljana and Slovenian Small Animal Veterinary Association.


It was divided in two parts : a theoretical one on the Basics of electroporation and electrochemotherapy where the speeches were :

  • Electroporation of cells and tissues by high voltage electric pulses by Damian Miklavčič
  • Tumor biology and preclinical electrochemotherapy by Maja Čemazar
  • Electrochemotherapy in human oncology by Gregor Sersa
  • Electrochemotherapy in veterinary oncology – dogs and cats by Natasa Tozon
  • Electrochemotherapy in veterinary oncology – horses by Youssef Tamzali
  • Gene therapy with IL-12 alone or combined with electrochemotherapy by Darja Pavlin
  • Oral tumors in dogs by Ana Nemec

The second part was dedicated to practical works with the observation of two dogs after an electrochemotherapy session and a session of electrochemotherapy on a cat with intravenous injection.


Thank you all for this highly interesting workshop!